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Project Description
RuckZuck Software Package Manager for Windows, a quick way to install and update Software....


Select a Software from the Repository and RuckZuck handles the download and the Installation for you.
RuckZuck is able to detect and update existing Software that was not installed with RuckZuck.

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The RuckZuck repository does not store the binaries of the Software, just the links to where the software is downloaded. Installing Software with RuckZuck does not grant you a license for that Product.

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OneGet Provider for RuckZuck

Examples:  OneGet Provider
Download the Provider from here or install it with the RuckZuck Tool...

RuckZuck for System Center Configuration Manager



RZUpdate is a Command-Line tool and a .NET Library to provide a self-update function for any Software in the RuckZuck repository. Download RZUpdate.


RZUpdate.exe "<ProductName>" "<ProductVersion>"
RZUpdate.exe "<Shortname1>"[;"<Shortname2>"] RZUpdate.exe "<RZXML File.xml>" RZUpdate.exe /Update


RZUpdate.exe "Client Center for Configuration Manager 2012" "" 
New Version:
Downloading...... done.
Installing...... done.

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