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How often are new submissions checked? How are we notified if accepted or rejected?

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Oct 22, 2015 at 7:29 PM

Here are my questions on packages:

How often are package submissions checked?
How do we know if a submitted package is accepted or rejected?

I have submitted a package and want to see if I did correctly before submitting more.

Also is there a way for me to test the package I have created?

Is it possible to create packages and use them and not submit them (ie. a local repository)?

Thanks so much! I really like this program and hope you continue to maintain and enhance it.

Dave Venus
Oct 23, 2015 at 2:43 PM
Hi Dave

All Package submission will show up on If you have an account on RuckZuck, make sure you are logged in with your account on RuckZuck.exe, so the submission contains your account. You will not get any feedback if you submit anonymously... Normally I will check the submissions daily, but without warranty...

Requirements for a Package submission:
  • Download URL from the Vendor (or an official, public URL)
  • URL is not time-bombed
  • Silent install
  • Silent Uninstall (whenever possible)
  • Detection script to check if SW is installe
  • Software should register in Add-Remove programs to detect updates
There is currently no way to pre-test your submission within RuckZuck.exe but you can save your Software as XML and test with RZUpdate. This option my be come with a next version of RuckZuck.exe (maybe also to have a directory with XML Files, to simulate a custom repository...).