This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.

Everyone can upload new Software Items, but you have to take care on the following rules:

  • Software download-source is public available (no logon required)
  • Download-source is from the vendor or publisher of the Software;  expect the License allows to redistribute
  • The Software does not contain malware


Create a new Software

  • Download the File(s) and note the URL
    Tip: With Internet-Explorer, you can press [CTRL]+J to show the latest Downloads. Right-Click a download and copy the download-link…
  • Find the parameters to install your Software silently on your PC
    Tip: Try the following parameters if the installer is an executable:
    • /S (case Sesitive !) or /s
    • /Silent (sometimes /VerySilent )
    • /Q
  • If the Software is installed, open RuckZuck, Scan your Machine and click on “Create new Software-Item from installed SW”
  • You should now see all Software from your computer that is not published in RuckZuck. Select the Software from your previous installation and click on “Create new Software-Item”
  • The next Screen contains all the known details for the selected Software
    • Paste the URL from your downloaded File in the URL field
    • Double click into the URL Field and you have to browse and select your downloaded file
    • Back in the Form, press two times [TAB] to fill in Filename and Hash (it’s the MD5 Hash of the File)
    • Update the Installation-Script (replace setup.exe with your file and pass the parameters for the silent install)
    • Check and update the detection script so that your installation get’s detected as installed (must return $TRUE)
    • Update all the other missing Information and click on “Upload”

The Software details are now uploaded to the RuckZuck database. If everything is fine, the Software should be published in the global repository within a few days.

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