This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.

With Version 0.9.9.x there are some new changes in the RuckZuck-Tool:


The executable is independent from the Architecture, so you don’t have to download a x86 or x64 Version of the executable.

Registered Users

Users with a RuckZuck Account can login with the RuckZuck accounts to get some additional benefits.




1) No Start Screen, the Tool will directly Scan for SW updates…

2) Right Click option on a SW to provide feedback

3) Right Click option to edit an existing SW


Right click options


The is a new right click context menu in the Software-List with the options to

1) Open the Vendors Web-Site

2) Download the File (without hash check)

3) *Provide Feedback

4) Start the Uninstall Command (can be helpful for testing)

5) *Edit the Software properties (see next section)


Software Editor


Things to know in the SW Editor:

1) Swicth to Full-Screen mode to get additional options (pre- and post-install options)

2)Double click on the contentID to get a new GUID; generate a new ContentID on every file change !

3) Right click Context Menu to:

- Make Folders and RegKeys x86 compatible

- Get the Description from an existing Version (with the same Product Name)

4) To get Properties from an existing MSI, just click on “..” next to the MSI Product Code

5) The URL can be a PowerShell if the URL needs to be calculated

6) To get the URL’s of downloaded Files in IE press CTRL+J to get the Download List. There is a right click contect menu option to copy the URL of the downloaded file

7) After pasting an URL, a File browser opens to select the downloaded file to calculate the MD5 Hash Value of the File

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